The Revolutionary – IQ Billiards System

Interactive Animated Digital Games & Themes

Self-Paced Training Modes

Ceiling-Mounted Projection System

An edge above VR

The IQ System is a stand-alone, ceiling mounted Augmented Reality Projector placed above the playing surface, which mitigates any gameplay interference.  This gives both new and existing billiard table Owners the ability to upgrade their system with ease.  The IQ System comes in a variety of colors from traditional Black… to White, Chrome and Red.  Need a color to conform to your ambiance? Feel free to inquire about custom color options as the sky is the limit.

We understand the importance of keeping the touch and feel component of the game “REALISTIC”. IQ provides a gaming experience with “ZERO interference”.  No harness or VR equipment needed.  Play the game as you’ve always have, but now you can IMMERSE yourself with the new augmented reality experience making it truly enjoyable for all ages, genders and skillsets.

Activate gameplay by “Scanning” the QR Code to gain access and control of the  IQ Billiards System to make changes from the palm of you hand.  Change the different themes, games and training modes, track gaming statistics, participate in our IQ Loyalty Rewards Program and much more.

IQ’s Reach and Client Support Model

The IQ Billiards System is available to our clients worldwide with no border restrictions.

Not only is IQ a state-of-the-art product, but we compliment our system with an equally dedicated 360 Degree – R&D and Product Support Channel.

Challenge the Status Quo

– Billiard Halls & FEC’s – 

For business owners seeking to innovate & differentiate, increase revenue, broaden customer-base and leverage IQ as an advertising platform… IQ is what you’ve been waiting for.

– Corporations –

Employee engagement is a key proponent to increased productivity, morale and performance… invest in your onsite amenities

– Hospitality Businesses –

Providing interactive and technology-infused entertainment elevates your business offerings and enhances the guest experience

– Billiard Professionals –

You’ve played with the best and traveled around the world… now its time for you to OWN the best AR Billiards product… in the world.

– Home Entertainment –

From a digital art-piece for friends and family to adore… to self-paced training and improving your skills… the IQ Universe is at your fingertips

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